Introducing Intel® Optane™ Memory
Intel® Optane™ Memory is smart technology that personalises and accelerates the computing experience on Intel® Core™-based devices.
The Intel® Optane™ Memory redirects power and data to a users most used programmes so they run and process data far more quickly. This delivers remarkable responsiveness and reduces dwell time, delivering the fastest user experience on the market. Put simply, Intel® Optane™ Memory delivers enhanced system performance for the needs of the modern workforce and their technology. Users are able to multitask and efficiency is boosted – delivering speed and capacity – all at a low price.
So why not talk to Westcoast about how Intel® Optane™ Technology can provide the perfect case to start a conversation with your Customers.

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Devices with Intel® Optane™ Memory
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HP 840G7 I510210U 8GB/256GB W10P
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HP 430G7 I510510U 8GB/512GB W10P
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HP ZFIREFLY I710510U 16GB/512GB W10P
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HP 850G7 I710510U 16GB/512GB W10P
How to Sell Intel® Optane™
Ready to sell Intel® Optane™? This sales call sheet will provide all the details you need