The HP ZBook Firefly

Meet the world’s smallest and lightest workstation, designed for your customers who push conventional business PCs beyond the breaking point.

The HP ZBook Firefly has a thinner design, better performance, increased battery life, NVIDIA graphics and military tested reliability. Available with either a 14-inch or 15-inch screen, and framed in a modern, slim-bezel design, it’s the only way to work without limits.

The HP ZBook Firefly. The definitive machine for the most demanding of users.

The HP ZBook Firefly

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Why Firefly?

Meaningful Design

HP has designed every element of the ZBook Firefly around a purpose. It’s smaller, lighter, faster and brighter.

Housed in a premium all-aluminium chassis, Firefly is not only the world’s most durable 14-inch mobile workstation and the world’s brightest, it’s also designed to defend the planet. Using less energy without sacrificing performance, Firefly is built with sustainable materials and welcomed as the world’s first mobile workstation to use ocean bound plastics.

Whether your customers are office power users, creators, architects or designers, they can push the boundaries while protecting their world.

The HP ZBook Firefly
The HP ZBook Firefly

Smaller and lighter

The thinnest and lightest ZBook yet, providing true mobility for people who work remotely and on-the-go.

And when your customers collaborate, Firefly gives them the tools they need for higher productivity, better teamwork, financial savings and reduced travel expenses.

Faster than the speed of creativity

When time is tight and creativity is flowing, Firefly keeps up with the pace.

Whether your customers are creating large PowerPoint decks, mining deep data from Excel pivot tables, opening high resolution files, or doing all three tasks simultaneously, they won’t be bothered by annoying slowdowns or PC freezes. That’s due to the latest 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 and i7 processors with up to six cores.

The HP ZBook Firefly
The HP ZBook Firefly

The brightest tool in the box

The world’s brightest 14-inch mobile workstation, with a 4K UHD VESA 550 nit display for better viewing in high ambient light environments.

Beautiful colours, with a higher contrast ratio, darker blacks, whiter whites and better gradience for anything in between, means designers and videographers can just get on with creating.

Your customers can enjoy more screen with less border, with tiny 8mm bezels for a larger screen to body ratio, of up to 86% on the 15-inch Firefly.

Rich, powerful graphics from NVIDIA

Your customers can power through projects with NVIDIA Quadro graphics, designed, built and engineered to accelerate any professional workflow.

NVIDIA is the top choice for millions of creative and technical users worldwide. From Photoshop to gaming, to 3D workflows, no graphics task is too complex for NVIDIA Quadro.

The HP ZBook Firefly
The HP ZBook Firefly

Sublime audio from Bang & Olufsen

Professional speakers, custom-tuned by Bang & Olufsen, will surround your clients in a bubble-like sound space.

Whether they want to conduct a conference call in a noisy home, airport, coffee shop or open office, or hear music the way the audio engineers intended, the loudness, richness and clarity will shine through. With a new, silent keyboard, and world-facing third mic, users can also choose to pick up other people’s voices in a meeting room, or reduce ambient noise using built-in noise cancellation technology.


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